American Funds Investments Account Online Login

Since 1931, the American Funds has been delivering professional financial advice to its investors. It is a family-owned mutual fund and the oldest of its kind in the USA. It invests in multiple securities for its customers to help hedge the risk and thus benefit the clients.

It helps you to take control of your American Funds Investments Account. If you are not yet enrolled, you can do so to be able to manage your account. From the account statements to how much you currently have in your account. Also, you will be able to pay bills straight from your account and thus keeps you up to date with your financial obligations.


Since you are here now, you have to know what it takes to access your account. It is simple if you have your login details with you are they are necessary if you want to successfully access your account. To do this, use the procedure below

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Find the login space, enter your username or account number and then continue.


It is necessary that you know what to do once you cannot access your account. Not every login process is smooth and sometimes you may be locked out of your account if the login details do not match the ones you used when registering for online access. To get your lost password, use the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Forgot Password phrase.

Step 2: Enter your account number, social security number and then click next.

Go through two more steps and then complete the process.


An online access has to be initiated by the account holder. If you are an existing customer, the process takes a short period as you only need to verify and create the login details. From there you have to wait before you are verified to use the new account. The process can be summarized as follows:

Step 1: Click the New User phrase.

Step 2: Enter account number and social security number and then tap Next.


If you do not want to entertain the hustle of having to access your account, then you have to enroll. Once you do this, you can reap benefits such as unlimited access to your investment account, ability to pay your bills online and view your account statements on the internet. It is a safe platform which gives you all the right to manage your account information with ease.

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