Covestor Investment Account Online Login

Covestor Investment is home to some of the best portfolio and hedge fund managers in the market. It was established 2006 to help people put their money to good use in terms of investment and it is based in Massachusetts

  • Website:
  • Mobile App: Not Available
  • Telephone Number: 1-866-825-3005
  • Headquartered In: Massachusetts
  •  Founded: 2006 (14 years ago)
  •  Company’s Rating:
     (3 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

With many operations and tasks to take care of, your Covestor Investment Account Online will be among the list. Luckily, you can login using your mobile device and manage your investments on the go. It utilizes the internet to help you get a closer look at your investments.


Take control of your account by logging in and completing a task while there. You can even access it to only check the account balance or the status of your investment. To access it, use the criterion below:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Tap the My Account space.

Step 3: Enter your email and password and then Sign In.


Only the system knows what your login details are, and then you. In that case, if you cannot remember them, then you have one more option to retrieve them. You can follow the steps below to get your lost login details:

Step 1: Click the Forgot your Password phrase.

Step 2: Enter your email and then send.


It is a process that awards you the online access to your account. All you need is to be an existing customer and you can go to the online platform and register for online access. For reliability and transparency, you will need to register for an account. It helps you to know the status of your account at all times when you need to. It is simple as you have to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click the Sign Up button.

Step 2: Enter your personal information, create login details and then save and continue.

There are a few more hurdles you have to go through to successfully complete the process and access your account online.


You can enjoy the freedom of having to access your investment account online. It allows you to be the manager and thus check all the information that is in your account. For example, you can check your account statements without having to call your account manager. Once there is a problem you can detect it early and seek an audience with the customer representative or your financial advisor to explain the issue.

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