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Qiwi is a payment service provider that operates electronic online payment systems in Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Romania, United Arab Emirates and the United States. The company has enabled merchants to accept payments via virtual wallets and it also operates terminals for cash collections and kiosks. Qiwi was founded in the year 2004 and its corporate headquarters is based in Russia.

  • Website: https://qiwi.com/
  • Mobile App: Android | iPhone
  • Telephone Number: 8 800 707-77-59
  •  Founded: 2004 (16 years ago)
  •  Company’s Rating:
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Currently, Qiwi has more than 152 thousand kiosks and terminals, more than 51 million clients a month and more than 19 million active wallets. Qiwi is a brand that consolidates a number of directions like wallet, bank, kiosks, terminal of goods and services. Qiwi payment system is highly technological and hence has clear usability. Qiwi offers everyone with easy and accessible instruments to make any kind of payment.

The Qiwi Wallet and Qiwi kiosks help people to pay for services of more than 13 thousand merchants including banks, state organizations, mobile network operators, utility services, etc. in addition, Qiwi is one of the companies that issue virtual cards to make online purchases. The company also offers Qiwi Cards that have a joint account with Qiwi wallet to allow customers to do shopping both offline and online.


Login to your Qiwi account is easy and fast. You just need your phone number and password to access your account. You can create a purse that will help you but on the internet, transfer money to anyone and pay your bills. To login, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Click here to open the site in a new tab and then click on the “To come in” button located on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Enter your mobile number and password that you normally use when logging into your Qiwi account and then click on the “To come in” button.

You should be able to log onto your account if the details you provided are associated with your account. Note that you can also login by using your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.


Losing a password for a certain online account is not something new since it is common among individuals. If you happen to forget the password of your Qiwi, you should follow the steps below:

Step 1 – If you cannot remember the password for your Qiwi account, you should click on the “Remember me” link located below the password box.

Step 2 – Enter the phone number you that usually use to login, confirm you are not a robot by clicking on the “I’m not a robot” checkbox and then click on the “Continue” button.

You should receive a message with your password within a few minutes. Make sure your phone number is correct in order to receive your password.


Step 1 – Click “Pay and transfer” located on the upper-left corner of the screen to make a payment online. You will need to select the service that you want to pay for, whether paying your bills or buying online.

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