Vanguard Investment Account Online Login

Vanguard is a savings and investment firm which has the customer or the investor in mind. When it comes to the returns clients get after investing with the firm, there are no third parties involved, which mean little or no fee on the same. Since it was established in 1975, it has operated in both US and non-US markets making it a globally renowned firm.

The need for a Vanguard Investment Account online comes with the need to have an integrated platform on which you can access your investment account without much hustle. With our instructions below, you will be able to find your way in terms of chow to access and enroll for the online access.


It entails a simple process where you have to input your login details, which you created when enrolling for the service. Ensure that you have those details with you and then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click here

Step 2: Tap the personal investors’ space.

Step 3: Enter your username and password and then click Log On.


The problem with forgetting your login details is that you have to retrieve them. Luckily, it is a short process which takes a few minutes to complete and you can take the control of your account once again. It is difficult to forget your username but for the password, it is common. The following steps will help you to get both of them:

Step 1: Click the Need Log On Help phrase.

Step 2: Enter your details as required and then continue.


It is how you get to have an online account. Access to your account is limited if you are only a Vanguard Investment customer. To manage your account, you have to enroll for online access. It entails following the steps below in order to get there:

Step 1: Click the Sign Up for access space.

Step 2: Tap the start button.

Step 3: Accept the terms to proceed.

Step 4: Enter your details as required and then continue.

In the next page, you will create your login details before you can successfully enroll.


As a new user, you can decide to explore what the online account has in store for you. As soon as you log in, you will see your account balance. You can proceed to retrieve the account statement for the purpose of reconciling with the account balance you find. It helps you to raise issues or claims relating to your account with the investment platform that you are on. On top of that, you can chat with the customer support through a live online chat.

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