West Bend Insurance Online Login

Founded in 1894 , West Bend Mutual Insurance Company has been providing various types of covers to individuals, homeowners, and business people throughout the Midwest.

West Bend Insurance Company offers policyholders convenient, secure, and reliable internet services. Through its website, members can manage their policies and claims. This article will take you through the steps of logging into your account, reset your password, and enrolling for West Bend internet service.


Logging into your Westbend online account is easy. Once your enroll, you can login to your account by following the steps below.

Step 1- Open your browser and go to https://www.paymyinsurance.com

Step 2- Enter your user ID and password then click login

PayMyInsurance Login

If the login credentials are correct, you will be directed to the dashboard of your login.

Note: Username and password are case sensitive. Make sure you use the right case.


Don’t worry if you have forgotten your password. Westbend allows policyholders to change/reset their passwords at anytime. You can reset your password by following the steps below.

Step 1- Click on “I forgot my password” link below the login area

PayMyInsurance Password Reset

Step 2- Enter username and then click next

Westbend Password Reset Service

You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password. Click on the link and then create a new password for your account.


Enrolling for Westbend Online billing service is easy. All you need is your Policy number and a PC with internet to get started.  You can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1- Open your browser and go to www.paymyinsurance.com

Step 2- Click on “Register” below the login area

PayMyInsurance Register Link

Step 3- Enter your policy number, effective date, username then enter and re-enter password, and email then click submit

PayMyInsurance Register


West Bend’s online service provides an easy way to manage your policy and claims. As a policyholder, you can do the following conveniently from your online account.

  • make a claim
  • View claims status
  • make a bill payment
  • update personal details



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